Parking Lot Problems at 17th Street

Please park only in designated spaces in the softball parking lot to avoid problems with large vehicles and trucks from the county and suppliers of turf, soil and other essentials.

Tuesday Pick Up Games Eliminated Due to Lack of Attendance

Due to injuries, vacations, etc., there have not been enough participants to continue the Tuesday pick up games at 17th Street.  Batting Practice will continue to be the only non-league softball activity for the remainder of the May-June portion of the summer season.

Sign Up for Winter 2015-2016 Leagues

   Sign up on line at -- "senior softball signup page". 

Batting Practice News

Batting Practice will be held at 17th Street 

8:15 AM

Mondays (hosted by Bill Wilson)

Wednesdays and Fridays (hosted by Joe Skelly)

Summer Pizza Days Planned for June 22 & 25

Monday and Thursday League Players are invited to celebrate Pizza Day after the games on June 22nd and June 25th.

Awards Luncheon At Der Dutchman

The annual SSSA luncheon was held on March 25th.  Former Oriole and Yankee infielder Brian Roberts (see pictures below) was the featured speaker in a packed banquet room filled with players, spouses, sponsors and good friends.

Former SSSA President George Hawley (below right) was the winner of the annual Fred Frank award.  Everyone was delighted Fred could attend the event and help celebrate the happy occasion.

Attention:  All SSSA Players -- 17th Street Field Ground Rules

Players are required to remain outside the gates until 8 
AM and stay off the playing fields until 8:15 AM so that the grounds crew can complete mowing and striping the fields.

Please comply with this request in order to avoid problems with the Park District




New SSSA T-Shirts are available for purchase from SSSA Board Members.

$8 Each


Association members are welcome to attend monthly Board meetings but must notify Gary Moore at least one day in advance.  The minutes of previous meetings may be accessed by clicking on the "SSSA BD MTGS" button on the top of this page.